Nadichikitsa; A blessing for well being!

While discussing health and wellbeing, we can talk about so many nuances of it. Ayurveda, on that note, holds a remarkable place. Being one of the ancient branches of medical science, we at Ayurvishwa Healthcare believe it to be an art; the art of healing through traditional yet significant methods. The meaning of Ayurveda is the 'science of life'. Ayurveda reveals the answers to questions such as 'What is life?'; 'How should one be living his/her life?'; 'What is the age(Ayu) limit?'; 'Healthy and unhealthy lifestyle, food habits'; 'What causes diseases?'; etc. Ayurveda has enfolded the detailed answers to all the above and related queries and it eventually focuses on the causes of diseases and their treatments. To diagnose the disease, Ayurveda Doctors (Nadi Vaidya) use the Eight-Fold Examination or Ashthana pariksha.   1.. Nadi(Pulse)   2. Mutra(Urine) 3. Mala(feces) 4. Jivha(Tongue) 5. Shabda(Sounds in the body) 6. Spa